Eira Velha


Ya está ahí ... A lo largo de la carretera entre Portalegre y Marvão - España

I liked the place for the grace of houses with the roofs staircase, leafy oaks, chestnut trees and olive trees that remind me in Alentejo, the mountain site of Beira Alta, where I was born and spent the first years.

An airy and lofty place is a Eira Velha  cobbled  where we can imagine where the old flails threshing wheat and corn, beans and chickpeas that the farm gives.

 A stream of Drown Donkeys  winds through the farm and goes under national Highway by a bridge that view one side or the other has a vegetation framing and harmonious light.

 Enhance the running water on the stones, arched white walls, the "work of art" as technically call the bridges